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The great thing about safes is that they are a low cost item that you will rely on every day without even thinking about it. Simply place your valuable jewellery, stock bonds, firearms, cash, documents or whatever else you need kept secure, lock it, and you can rest easy knowing your valuables are protected from potential thieves and burglars. Safes are almost impenetrable without serious heavy duty equipment and even then, breaking into a safe means making a lot of noise and attracting a lot of attention. Safes come in many varieties, sizes and shapes and are perfect for just about any home or office security. Best of all, to get access to your valuables, you donít have to go in to the bank during banking hours to retrieve them.

What is a Sentry Safe Replacement Key?

If you own a key operated safe for a long enough time, the inevitable will happen. You will lose your keys. Between rushing from office to a client and working out at the gym or simply going out to dinner, you might misplace your keys at any time. Simply buying another safe isnít an option because you need to retrieve whatís already in the locked safe. Thatís when you need to get a Sentry Safe replacement key. Youíll be pleased to know that Sentry Safe can help you get one.

Sentry Safe Replacement Key Costs

Sentry Safe meticulously holds the records of every safe and safe key theyíve made. Your safe has a number, your lock has a number and your unit has a serial number. Youíll need this information if you want to get a replacement key from Sentry Safe. You can order your key online, by mail or by telephone by sending them the above information. Sometimes they will request you get a signed, notarised statement of ownership before they will send you a Sentry Safe replacement key.

For the replacement key, they offer two options. The first is a standard replacement, costing around £25 but it will take between 7 and 10 business days before you receive your keys. The second is an express option which is much more expensive at around £100 but you will only need to wait 48 hours for your Sentry Safe key replacement.

Keeping Your Sentry Safe Replacement Key Safe

The stress of worrying about a lost safe key can be overwhelming. So much so that itís a great idea to take steps to not lose your safe key. Firstly, the best way to not lose your safe key is to stop carrying it around Ė but that means leaving it at home and you want to ensure that you wonít have sleepless nights worrying about it. Consider a key safe Ė a small combination lock safe big enough to hold just a couple of keys that can be installed around the house against any wall or floor. Install a key safe out of the way and hidden in your home, and youíll never end up with a Sentry Safe replacement key issue again.

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