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The world is ever changing thus prompting people to add a lot on their ‘to do’ lists. It is in this regard that people keep forgetting useful things like where they put their keys. With all the changes that occur in people’s lifestyles, most people happen to have more than one key: house keys, car keys, gate keys, house front door and back-door keys, basement keys among many others, hence mixing them up is easy. Therefore, key safes are a necessity in the home or work area. Key safes are units intended for key safe-keeping. They can save people time by preventing rummaging through different hooks, shelves and drawers to find keys, and they also ensure the security of the keys.

What is a Biometric Key Safe?

These safes are the newest, most secure key safes since they have automatic digital technology features that recognise the owner. The safes can recognise the owner’s voice, finger prints or facial structure according to the settings and they lock automatically when the door closes. The modern biometric key safes utilise optical and capacitive scanning systems as well as thermal sensors hence they are safe and convenient. They use batteries that are automatically recharged and they give a warning if they need a battery change. They are ideal for exterior key storage and are very useful in case of emergencies.

Buying a Biometric Key Safe

Biometric key safes come in different types and sizes, hence they range in prices. Small key safes are affordable whilst large key safes that can hold additional keys cost a bit more. There are numerous companies that offer Biometric key safe services. Some of these include:
  • The Safe Shop – this company sell a biometric Burton Sensor Fingerprint Safe. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is said to be safe enough to hold valuables up to £20,000.
  • The Lichfield Safe Centre – this company is located in Staffordshire and sell numerous biometric safe cabinets.
Every company that sells biometric safes do not disclose their prices online.

Installing a Biometric Key Safe

Biometric key safes vary in size, type and design hence the installation is different for each. Some of the smaller ones can be installed by just about any person, but the larger ones with complicate systems require seeking professional help. Some are mounted on the wall with resettable combinations. These can hold 40 keys hence they are light in weight while larger ones for more keys are mounted easily on the wall with screw anchors. There is a range that is mounted on the floor for increased safety since thieves cannot take them out easily. They are durable and most have warranty coverage.

Wall and floor biometric key safes are the safest type of units intended for home and official use since they are personalised and they cannot be tampered with easily. They are convenient and affordable with a wide range of types and sizes. They are user friendly since they can recognise anybody from a young child to an elderly person with a memory problem. Once you find the right biometric key safe, you’ll realise its many benefits.

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