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When all your cabinets and safes are keeping your precious belongings safe, who is taking care of the keys to these cabinets? Well, with ideas and inventions meeting every need, the key safes are here. These key safes are actually responsible for all the keys to all your cabinets. With varying capacity, there are a number of key safes available these days in the market.

Depending on the place of need, there are a variety of key safes available. Among the several brands which are safely keeping their positions in the market, the Supra key safe is one favorite product of many. Supra offers different sizes of key safes and along with this variety comes the impressive capacity of each one of these. The ease to use and security offered by these key safes are fluently adding perks to the name.

The key safes manufactured by Supra carries some of the very common features like wall mount devices and ground devices, thousands of combinations for password and electronic key entering facility with push button. Apart from these features the varying sizes of key safes available are quite impressive.

The company manufactures key safes with capacity seven to thirty! The seven key spaced Supra key safe is small and can be easily held in hands. This device is generally a wall mount safe with a ring on the top for hanging. It has got buttons 0 to 9, a reset button and a push button for opening the safe. This little device can be used at homes and can be hung anywhere in reach. The combination code is generally of four digits and thus it is very hard to guess.

The thirty-key storage safe has a big capacity with similar locking system. The security is extremely good and absolutely fit for the huge storage that it accommodates. These key safes are generally preferred for offices where the number of keys to be handled is huge. Some of these key safes have drop off slots for keys. Since the safe is large in size, it is good to keep the safe on the ground level. If mounted on the wall, it should be seen that the wall is strong enough as a support.

Along with all the advantages is a small disadvantage that may catch many eyes. With the digital code entering system, if after locking the safe with the combination the reset button is not pressed, the next person to touch the safe can easily open the safe without entering the combination.

Keys are little things of great value. When these are lost or stolen, our ways to our valuables are taken away. The loss of keys to a cabinet or safe is equivalent to losing our valuables. Supra key safe is serving impressively to all who need a safe place with hard to guess combinations for the keys to their safes. Be it home or office, cabinet or safe all keys can be safe with these new generation key safes.

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