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Key safes are specialised safes that are used for storing keys. They serve a variety of purposes and they come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate their many different uses. You can use a very small key safe to store a single key or a large key safe to store every spare key in an apartment block, for example. Many key safes are designed in such a way that you can also store other valuables in it, such as credit cards or jewellery. Key safes can be particularly useful if you need a lot of keys in one building and want to keep them all in one place, where only specific people are able to access them.

What is a Wall Mount Key Safe?

A wall mount key safe is a safe that needs to be mounted on a wall. They are usually rectangular in shape and will have hooks inside them to hang keys on. Generally, they are not very thick and are hence more suitable for storing single keys, rather than bunches of keys. Wall mount key safes are often used in motels or hotels by the cleaning staff for example. The safe will hold single keys to each of the motel’s room, so that cleaning staff can access the keys of the rooms they have been allocated to clean, whilst only needing to hold a single key – the one that opens the safe – themselves.

Costs of a Wall Mount Key Safe

  • If you shop at B&Q, their smallest and most competitively priced wall mount key safe is the small key cabinet, costing just £10.48. Excellent value if you are looking for a smaller cabinet. B&Q stores can be found near most areas, so it is also a very accessible option.
  • ITS will sell a Masterlock Select Access Key Safe for £22.79 (including VAT). This safe will hold anything up to eight keys. As an online store, ITS also regularly has special offers on.
  • With Tooled-Up, you can buy a Medium Masterlock Select Access Key Safe for £17.95 (including VAT). This safe will hold anything up to five keys.

Installing a Wall Mount Key Safe

Depending on the kind of wall mount key safe, you may need some extra help in having it installed. Many wall mount key safes can be done yourself and will come with instruction manuals. All you will need to be able to do is drill holes and screw a screw. However, some can be built into the wall, in which case you will need a professional to ensure anything that is inside your walls (like electrical wires, plumbing pipes, etc...) is safe. A professional will also be able to make the safe look flush within your wall.

So, as you can see there are plenty of different shapes and sizes available when it comes to a wall mount key safe. It all depends on how many keys you want to store in them, what your budget is and to what purpose you are looking at purchasing a wall mount key safe.

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