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In each business there are areas inside the building that certain staff need access to and others donít. Sometimes controlling access to these areas is a very difficult task and you often end up having to implement some form of access control to keep your employees out of areas they shouldnít be in. You can install a costly and usually over the top biometric fingerprint scanning access system or key card system or you can save some money and simplify things by using a simple key safe. There are many other uses for key safes in and around the workplace and once youíve used one youíll want them everywhere you go.

What is a Slimline Keysafe?

If you need a smaller key safe that is wall mountable and just as strong as their bigger counterparts, a slimline keysafe might be a good option. Built to hold a few keys and easy to use by employing a combination code for locking the device, it couldnít be easier to use. Controlling access to the keys is as simple as giving out the combination to family members, roommates or employees. If you need to stop anyone from accessing the slimline key safe, itís just a case of changing the code to one of the ten thousand available combinations. Being constructed from a hard metal like cast aluminium; it is very difficult to break open by hammering or sawing with a hacksaw.

Costs of a Slimline Keysafe

  • Office Furniture Online are an online store that sell a range of office supplies including key safes. Their slimline models go for around £25.
  • Screwfix are a security sales company with a number of branches throughout the UK. The Masterlock Slimline keysafe sells for an affordable £19.99.
  • Nottingham Rehab Supplies offer the Slimline keysafe for £22.99.

    Installing a Slimline Keysafe

    Installing the slimline key safe is a simple process for most people. All you need to do is mark off and drill some holes and then securely fasten the key safe to the wall or floor as needed using the screws provided. Once the slimline keysafe is installed you simply need to set any combination that you like, remembering to avoid common combinations like birthdays and anniversaries. To set the combination you can follow the instructions included in the instruction manual. If you arenít comfortable with using a drill or get stuck at any point during the installation, ask a friend or relative to help you or even consider consulting a professional. There are many handymen in most areas of the UK that will also be able to install a key safe.

    The slimline keysafe is an attractive device to have mounted next to your door but generally security experts recommend you install the device out of plain sight as this will usually deter any crimes of opportunity. Anyone that has a slimline keysafe installed knows just how useful it is and will almost always recommend them to those that donít use them.

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