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In the UK, it is reported that most burglaries are executed by burglars who have found a key to the property outside possibly in one of the usual places, in a plant pot near to the front door or under the door mat. Many people also find themselves locked out of their property with the option of breaking a window or phoning the local locksmith to change the locks and help them in neither of which come cheap, especially if it is in the middle of the night. This is why it is a good idea for every home owner and business to invest in a front door key safe to increase security and minimise the chances of being locked out at an ungodly hour.

What is a Front Door Key Safe?

A front door key safe is a safe which as the name suggests, stores your front door key. This enables you to either leave a spare inside in case you or a family member go out and lose your key or even to keep your original key inside so you do not have to worry about losing it when you go out. Front door key safes are weather proof, extremely reliable and come in many different forms. The most popular types are activated by using a combination lock which can be given to every member of the family. They are a much more secure way of storing your front door key, and pretty much impenetrable by burglars even a hammer or a saw cannot penetrate the more expensive models.

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Costs of a Front Door Key Safe

Front door key safes are one of the most common types of safe on the market today and as such there are numerous options available to you. These include:
  • Argos is a high street store that is accessible to most UK residents. They have two front door key safes for purchase including the wall mountable safe with a combination lock for 24.99 and the Challenge Key Box for 9.99.
  • The Safe Shop is an online company who have a wide range of front door key safes to choose from. All are weather resistant and range in price from 4.99 for a Sterling Key Rock Safe to 59.99 for a GE C500 Police Approved Key Safe.
  • Amazon is another option for purchasing a key safe. Not just known for books any more they have a wide selection of front door key safes available. The most popular one in their range is the Frostfire Mooncode 1556 which is available for 24.99.

Installing a Front Door Key Safe

Most front door key safes come complete with instructions, and should not require much more than basic DIY knowledge to install. If you do find that you are having some problems, why not ask a friend or colleague to help you? You can also ask a professional to help but be advised that this may not come cheap.

A front door key safe is the perfect way to protect your house from burglary and protect yourself from high locksmith fees when problems happen! With so many choices available to you, you should be able to find a front door key safe to suit your needs.

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