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In the present world, security has taken a forefront place in almost every person’s lifestyle. Institutions and homesteads are opting to secure their premises keys in modern key safes since they are tamper proof and they save time and money lost on sorting keys and changing locks due to stolen, mixed up or lost keys. Key safes are a modern invention for improving the security of our premises since only specific people have access to premises or appliance keys. They are a convenient way of ensuring that all keys are at a central place that is secure and away from unauthorised intruders. It is important for all households and offices to have a key safe such as an exterior key safe for improved security of their property and belongings.

What is an Exterior Key Safe?

Key safes come in different types and models depending on the need and purpose of the user. An exterior key safe is designed to store keys on the outside of a building. This makes the gadget ideal for institutions and rental buildings’ users. They are also ideal for teenagers who might lock themselves out of the house. They come in many sizes and designs. Some are creatively designed to camouflage with the outside environment thus they may resemble rocks, plants or walls. Smaller models hold one or two keys, while larger models hold up to 2000 keys.

Costs of an Exterior Key Safe

The exterior key safe price range varies from models to sizes, but most of them are affordable. Two of the best include:
  • Amazon UK – Amazon UK sell a very highly rated exterior key safe – the Frostfire Mooncode 1555. This item is £19.99 and delivered free throughout the mainland UK.
  • The Safe Shop UK sell a wide range of weather proof exterior key safes in a wide range of models and sizes. Their smallest exterior key safe is £4.99 and their prices increase to £59.99 for a GE C500 police approved key safe. Free delivery is available to everyone in the United Kingdom.

Installing an Exterior Key Safe

Installation of an exterior key safe must be done outside the premises since they are suitable for outdoor use. They are designed to store a bunch of keys or just one key, depending on the model. Most of them are fitted on a wall since they are convenient and easy to access. Some are fitted in hidden areas such as floors, to increase security. Some have a mechanical combination hence they need a specialist to install, but some come with a simple keypad mechanism that is easy to install.

The exterior key safe can be used for commercial buildings, home security, business premises and spare keys storage for emergency access. It is safe and easy to use hence it is suitable for all ages. The exterior key safe is popular since it minimises the chances of locking oneself in or out and it is safe and secure with easy mechanisms, so anybody can use it.

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