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A key safe as this notion suggests is a secure storage facility that enables one to store his keys. The general idea of coming up with a key safe is due to the frequency of losing keys that most of us are subjected to in our daily activities. The key safeís mounting is usually on the outside wall of a personís premises so that one can access his keys any time he needs to. In most cases, key safes are located in an inconspicuous area, thus avoiding drawing foreignersí attention. Whenever one locks his door, the only thing heís required to do is to enter a secure numerical combination that will activate the key safe and will provide an adequate place for storing keys in a convenient way. They are remarkably easy to set up, helping one avoid the bulkiness of carrying keys as well as decreasing the risk of constantly losing keys. This is why people should seek more information on acquiring the best key safe.

What is the Best Key Safe?

A standard key safe generally is a wall mounted safe. No one should be able to access the keys inside unless they know the security combination. It is widely thought that the best key safe is one with a metallic, waterproof cover which is impossible to open through any alternative means. The best key safe is also a unit that can be opened in two ways. Older and much cheaper versions of key safes have a key lock. The owner would store numerous keys and carry one key instead. The problem with this version of storing keys is that it would subject the owner to risks if he would lose that one single key. Newer versions have incorporated an automatic numerical combination system which allows the owner to access the keys through keying in the relevant combination values on the keypad. The best key safe products known have incorporated both systems for easier and safer access.

Costs of the Best Key Safe

Some of the best stores to purchase key safes from include the following:
  • The Secure Key Company, located at 11 Knights Orchard, Hemel Hempstead is one such company. It has a wide range of key safe products, ranging from the 5400 portable key safe available at £35.25, to the 5401 Wall Mounted Key Safe going for £ 35.10. At such affordable rates, this is a great company to look at.
  • The Little Safe Company is also another of the national stores in the UK, which provides a wide range of key safes. Some of their products include the Rottner Keytronic 20 Key Cabinet priced at £51.00 while the Keeper Push Button Key Safe retails at £26.50.
  • The GE AccessPoint 001015 KeySafe Original from GE KeySafes is another of the best key safes on the market. These safes range in price from £29 to £50.

Installing the Best Key Safe

After purchasing a key safe product you should also receive an instruction manual. Most key safes are easy to install with a small amount of DIY knowledge but if you require further help you could always ask friends or colleagues or even a professional to help you.

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