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Key safes are used all around the world by millions of people. They have a simple yet effective function: to protect your keys. By using a key safe, you have the peace of mind knowing where all of your keys are at all times and that they cannot be stolen. If you were to have your keys stolen it could give you a lot of troubles, not to mention the potential dangers of having your house robbed or your car stolen. By using a key safe you ensure that things like that will not happen. Other people who resort to using key safes at work have jobs where they have to look after a lot of keys to a lot of different rooms. Even if they do not own the rooms that the keys unlock, they will still be held responsible if anything happens to the keys. That is why they resort to using a key cabinet safe.

What is a Key Cabinet Safe?

A key cabinet safe is a very big key safe that can hold a lot of keys. It is usually not used for residential houses. However, its main purpose is to help people that handle a lot of keys to protect them from being stolen as well as helping the person keep track of which key is which. That is why most key cabinets have colour codes to help distinguish the keys one from another.

Costs of a Key Cabinet Safe

  • Phoenix Safe Company Limited offers a great model in the Phoenix Electronic Key Cabinet KS0021e. Despite the long name it is a great model that can hold up to 30 keys all with key rings and colour codes to help tell them apart. The model retails at 78 including VAT.
  • Another good company to use is Burton Safes. Their model, the Burton Electronic Key Cabinet KS71 is a strong safe made out of solid steel and with an increased carrying capacity of 71 keys with rings and coloured tags. However, it is more expensive at 143 with taxes.
  • The Combination 20 Key Cabinet from Sterling is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a cheap, yet effective model. It can hold up to 20 keys with rings and colour tags and it retails at only 25.80.

Installing a Key Cabinet Safe

Installing one of these safes can be a little trickier than a normal key safe but it is still doable. However, if you feel that you are not up to the task then ask a friend or a colleague for assistance. If nobody is able to help you then you can always turn to a professional who can install the key cabinet for a fee.

There are some people for whom a key cabinet is indispensable. It is simply the best way to keep track of a lot of keys while protecting them at the same time. That is why a key cabinet safe is the best option for every person that is responsible for looking after a lot of keys.

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