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A key safe can be a valuable item for everyone. Its main design is to hold your spare keys so that you know where they are at all times as well as protect them from thieves. If someone were to get their hands on your keys it can put you in a very unpleasant situation: not only would you be susceptible to being robbed, but you could be faced with an even more dangerous situation if someone is at home when the robbery happens. That is why it is important that you protect yourselves and those around you by keeping your keys safe at all times by using a key box safe.

What is a Key Box Safe?

A key box safe is a larger version of a regular key safe. It is not only a lot stronger, but it can hold a lot more keys as well. This is very handy for people that have a lot of keys, usually at their job, and they need to keep track of them as well as ensure that none of them are stolen. This is common for people like a hotel or motel manager, a repairman or a janitor that has access to most rooms inside a building.

Costs of a Key Box Safe

  • GE offers a great model that is available in the entire UK called the S7 Big Box KeySafe. It is easy to install and is a great helper for care workers and cleaners. Its increased size means that it can easily hold over 10 keys. Its price is 72 with taxes.
  • Another good company to use is Sterling, as it offers the Combo 20, a key box that can hold up to 20 keys at once. It can be easily installed on any wall by most people who can drill a hole in the wall and it is only 26.
  • Phoenix Safe Company Limited offers a great deal on their Phoenix Key Box 0012. It is the biggest model available that can store up to 96 keys. With its easy access and instalment, it is a great bargain at just 30 with taxes.

Installing a Key Box Safe

Just because it is bigger does not mean that it is harder to install than a regular key safe. All you need is a power drill to make some holes in the wall where you want to put the safe and a screwdriver to screw the safe to the wall. This is an easy job that can be done by most people. However, if you think that you cannot handle it then ask a friend or a colleague for assistance. If you cannot find anyone to help then you can always turn to a professional.

A key safe is a great thing to have. It can save anyone a lot of troubles that they would experience if they lost their keys. To people like a janitor or a hotel receptionist it is vital to have a key safe where they can store all of their keys without fear of them being stolen. That is why a key box safe can be very useful to any person.

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