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When it comes to the keys to our homes, most of us fall into one of two categories of major concern. The first is a fear of our keys ending up in the wrong hands. The second is a fear of locking ourselves out. Many may even fall into both categories, and that is why key safes are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. There is no better way to secure your keys and not become a victim of your own absentmindedness than with a key safe padlock.

What is a Key Safe Padlock?

This genius little invention is saving people everywhere from the anxiety of worrying about the safety of their home as well as the fear of being locked out of their own home. A key safe padlock is a superior alternative to hide-a-keys, flowerpots, and welcome mats; itís a safe for your house key that is a lock in and of itself.

The key safe padlock attaches to your fence in a padlock fashion so it cannot be removed. It has a combination style lock on the front that allows you to grant access only to those you trust and keeps your keys safely inside until opened. Being a padlock, the key safe padlock is also completely portable and can be taken anywhere you need to go. Itís also great for other places like holiday homes or even houseboats.

Costs of a Key Safe Padlock

If youíve ever called a locksmith to let you into your own home in the middle of the night, you know that they are getting paid quite well for their midnight rendezvous. The costs of a key safe padlock are far less than these services and much more cost efficient than constantly changing the locks on your home because of lost or stolen keys.
  • Screwfix is one company that boasts free delivery and unsurpassed service. The quality of their key safes is excellent and if a key safe padlock is what you are looking for, you need look no further. The costs vary somewhat, but you can expect to pay about £22.00.
  • Shop Wiki is an excellent website to find any kind of key safe padlock you can imagine. Since they are a wholesaler, the site allows you to compare prices and find the best deal, with most basic models starting at about £15.00.
  • Able Safe has a specialty item that has been getting a lot of attention. Their mini key safe padlock is made specifically for those who are always on the go. The unit is meant to be portable and can attach to the strap of a bag, a bicycle, or anything else you may be carrying with you. This item typically runs about £30.00.

Installing a Key Safe Padlock

The installation of a key safe padlock is as easy as 1-2-3-Click! If you know how to open and close a lock, your new key safe will be right where you want it with absolutely no effort and no hassle. Simply lock the key safe padlock onto whatever location you have decided, set the combination, and youíre done.

Peace of mind was never accomplished so simply or without a major out of pocket investment. You will no longer have to worry about the safety of your home or a 2 a.m. phone call to a locksmith when youíve locked yourself out for the 10th time in a month. A key safe padlock is something that everyone should have so take a look around and get yours before a real need arises.

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