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There are many reasons why you might want a small safe outside your home or office. The most common of these is to keep a spare key in case you might need it for whatever reason. But outdoor key safes can be useful for a number of different reasons. If you work on a construction site, having a key safe outside the foreman’s office might be useful to store vehicle keys in while the workforce are on lunch or if you have a large security force, giving them each one key or combination to a key safe is cheaper and easier than supplying them all with a full set of keys. Using a safe with key will make looking after your keys much simpler and easier.

What is a Safe with Key?

To store your keys safely outside your home or office or anywhere else a combination operated safe with key might be just what you’re looking for. Made from a hammer and hacksaw proof cast aluminium or stainless steel construction, keeping your spare keys in the safe with key is a very secure way of having that outside key for the eventuality that you might need it. With normally four digits in the combination lock you can set a code of any of up to ten thousand different combinations and change it as often as you need to for extra security. Giving access to the keys to a number of people is as easy as giving them the combination. If any of your workforce leaves or you need to prevent someone with the combination from accessing the keys, you simply need to change the code.

Costs of a Safe with Key

  • Pro X Safe offer countrywide shipping of a few different models of safe with key ranging in price from £15.95 all the way up to £74.95.
  • The Safe Shop is an online store that deliver to everywhere in the United Kingdom and have a large range of key safes. They start from £24.99.
  • The Able Safe Co, based in Preston, Lancashire offer three different key safes priced from £14.65 to £34.95.

Installing a Safe with Key

There are many different varieties of the safe with key and they offer varying degrees of difficulty to install. Some require drilling holes to mount them and others work like padlocks. The safe with key style that is aimed at motor vehicle keys are magnetic and require no installation. For advice on which safe with key might be the best for you, ask for advice from friends or family that have key safes at their homes or even try them out. Once you have made your decision, consult a professional for installation tip and tricks or even for them to do it for you.

The safe with key can come in handy for a very many things – the least of which is saving you from the huge frustration of being locked out. Whatever your use, you’ll find the safe with key will come in handy over and over again and anyone that uses it will want one for themselves.

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