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Master Lock Key Safe

If your company employs many employees, chances are you’ll have more than one key holder. Each key holder has to be trusted with a set of keys to the building or company cars and if anything happens to them, you know you’ll end up having to change all the locks and reissue all the key holders with new keys. The reality is, the more key holder employees you have, the more you’ll end up going through this as the more sets of keys issued, the more likely they are to be lost. With a master lock key safe, you almost completely stamp out the possibility of needing to replace locks and keys because all your keys will be stored in the same place.

What is a Master Lock Key Safe?

When you are faced with a situation like this and decide on a key safe it is a good idea to choose a recognised and trusted brand. The Master lock key safe is one of those brands. Constructed out of cast aluminium and resistant to rust, the Master lock key safe is also strong enough to resist attempts to break it open by using a hammer or hacksaw. It can hold up to 6 Yale sized or 4 car keys and is kept secure by a combination lock. The combination lock uses 4 digits giving 10,000 possible combinations making guessing it almost impossible. You can also set and change the combination yourself as many times as you need to. The Master lock key safe attaches to any brick or concrete wall or floor by four screws which are included in the packaging.

Costs of a Master Lock Key Safe

  • Homebase is a large chain home-ware store that stocks the Master Lock Key Safe which retails for the affordable price of £23.99 at their stores. Their stores are accessible for most people living in the UK.
  • The Safe Shop is a Lancashire based online store that deliver to anywhere in the United Kingdom and sell the key safe for £24.99.
  • Discount Safes in Hampshire offer the key safe for collection or mail order for £26.95.

    Installing a Master Lock Key Safe

    You may need help installing the Master Lock key safe and if you do, try asking your friends or colleagues for advice or help with the installation process. Because some drilling is required during the installation, you might even need a professional to install it for you. Ring up the place you bought the Master Lock key safe from and ask them to put you in contact with an installer or if they offer the service themselves.

    Having a key safe around the premises of your home and office means never being locked out again and after just one use of the device, you’ll never think twice about the cost of buying and installing it. The Master Lock Key Safe definitely goes a long way to end the frustration of being stuck without your keys.

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