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Protecting your most valuable belongings is obviously something very important to most people. To better protect their things, many people opt for a safe that is only accessible by the person who holds the key. While there are many different options available when it comes to safes, the key safes seem to be the simplest while also being the most secure. Combination locks are often easy to crack but you cannot go wrong with a safe key.

What is a Safe Key?

A safe key is essentially the one thing standing between a burglar (or anyone else uninvited) and your most precious possessions. When people purchase a safe it is generally to hold important personal or legal documents, passports, green cards, jewellery, or other things that hold personal value. The documents mentioned can truly be detrimental to your personal safety if they fall into the wrong hands and jewellery that is an antique or heirloom is absolutely irreplaceable. A safe key ensures that all of these things are kept safe and secure; you always know where they are and you know that they are safe.

Other safes hold things like business documents or even guns. Itís essential to keep these things safe and secure since they not only affect you, but the lives of others as well. Your safe key holds so much importance in one tiny little item. It has been shown that safes with keys are much more secure than those with a combination since the combination is easy to tamper with. Todayís safes are so heavy duty that they cannot simply be picked with a paperclip (contrary to what you see on television) and are nearly impossible to interfere with if you do not have the key. The only thing you do need to be concerned about is making sure to take good care of your safe key. If your key should become lost, stolen, or misplaced, you could be setting yourself up for a major loss.

Costs of a Safe Key

A safe key always comes along with a safe. If you would like to have additional copies made, your local locksmith can make them for you but you will need to provide notarised documentation of ownership. If you should lose your safe key, there are ways to replace them, but again you will need to have official documentation proving that the safe truly is yours. While this may be a hassle, you must remember that it is to your advantage and in your best interest. A few possible options and costs for your safe key are listed below.
  • The best option if you have lost your safe key is to contact the manufacturer of the safe directly. This is often the most simple and secure measure to take since they already have all of your information from when you purchased the safe and you will only need to verify it. The costs are generally less as well and usually start at £10.99.
  • Local locksmiths are easy to find anywhere in the UK and for a small service fee they will even come to your home so you donít have to transport your safe. Locksmiths can also often re-key some safes- that means installing a whole new lock with new keys in the event that you believe your keys were stolen. A basic locksmith service will usually start at £49.00.
  • Another option you may want to consider is a local or online safe shop. Begin by looking up a shop that specialises in safes made by the same manufacturer as your safe as they will be much more likely to be able to assist you. Safe shops are generally about £14.99 to start if you just need a replacement safe key.
Itís amazing how much value one little safe key can hold, but what it protects is absolutely invaluable. Hopefully you never find yourself missing your safe key, but if you do rest assured that you will be able to access your belongings once again.

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