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Carrying bunches of heavy, awkward keys around with you is not only irritating, if you end up losing them, it might cost you or your business more than a small fortune to have to replace not only all the keys but all the locks too because you canít risk someone picking up the keys and getting full access to your entire home or office building. Just the expense of replacing the keys and locks doesnít even compare to the inconvenience and disruption of having all the locks changed and reissuing all new keys to all the key holders. With that much incentive, finding an alternative to carrying around those bunches of keys should be a priority. With a master key safe, youíll only need one set of keys, and they will always be right where you need them whenever you need them.

What is a Master Key Safe?

The Master key safe is a combination locked key safe manufactured by Master. It can hold up to 6 Yale style keys and is wall mountable which means you can attach it securely to any brick or concrete wall or floor. It is constructed from cast aluminium and is very resistant to hammering and sawing as an attempt to open it. Being aluminium it is also resistant to rust. The combination code is 4 digits long offering a total of 10,000 different combinations. The combination is changeable so you can change it yourself as many times as you need to.

Costs of a Master Key Safe

  • Discount Locks is a Hampshire based company that offers the Master Key Safe for £14.95. They will ship it to you at your own expense unless your order is over £75 which qualifies it for free shipping.
  • ScrewFix has branches located all over Great Britain and sell a range of key safes including the Master Key Safe. The most popular model sells for £15.99.
  • Able Safe Co has their offices in Preston, Lancashire and offer the Master key safe for £25.

Installing a Master Key Safe

The Master Key safe requires some drilling and isnít the easiest thing to install, so if you arenít comfortable with drilling, try and rope a friend or relative into helping you. If at any point you get stuck with the installation, consult a professional or the store where you purchased the Master key safe because they can guide you through it or offer their services to install it for you. Once the key safe is installed you need to set the combination. Try to avoid using common numbers and opt instead for something completely random. The process of setting the code is detailed in the instruction manual.

Once the Master key safe is installed, you can place your keys inside and lock the device for when you need it. At least now youíll never have to worry about being locked out of the house again Ė with the Master key safe, your keys are always on hand when you need them.

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