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Master Key Safe Instructions

Your bunch of keys hold a power and importance that is unparalleled. How often have you had your bag stolen and thought ďIf only they hadnít gotten my keys!í It is true. You could always have these keys re-cut but this will take valuable time and effort. Not to mention the fact that if your keys are in somebody elseís possession, you are part of an extremely hazardous safety risk. You will then have to change all your locks and may not be able to do this in time.

The point is, your keys are valuable and you need to have an extremely safe place to store them. If you have keys lying around that you donít use often, you will want a safe place to keep them for when you really need them. Everybody should have a set of master keys that are kept for in case of emergency and contain a copy of every key to every door and area in the house. Here are some master key safe instructions to help you do this.

Master Key Safe Instruction 1 Ė Set a Code.

Master key safes are portable and easy to use but difficult to get into. They are created in such a way that you can conveniently store your keys with the security of knowing exactly where to find them and how impenetrable the safe is. Master key safes work on the principal that there is a number or code set into the safe and you will have to enter that code (in a specific sequence) in order to open it.

This usually comes with the safe or if it is electronic, you are able to set the code yourself using approximately four digits that you are most likely to remember. You donít want to set anything that is too obvious but at the same time you want to be able to easily access your keys. Donít leave any clues around the house as to what your code is and set a number you know you will remember.

Master Key Safe Instruction 2 Ė Enter Your Master Set

Once you have made the appropriate copies and have two or more sets of keys you should then put your keys onto one ring, even if it means attaching extra holders to the same original item. Once they are all together and easy to grab you can begin to check that you know how to open and close the safe. Put the keys inside and lock the safe simply by closing it.

Master Key Safe Instruction 3 Ė Opening Your Lock in Case Of Emergency

Opening your lock will require you to enter in the combination that was set initially. This is done by either entering the digits onto an electronic keypad or by twisting the round lock on the front. If you are twisting the lock be sure to stop when the appropriate number touches the indent at the top centre. Once you have done this for each number in the correct sequence, you will find that the lock makes a soft click. You can literally feel it opening behind the scenes. At this point, pull the door of the lock open using the handle and retrieve your keys off the holder.

These master key safe instructions thoroughly cover what needs to be done in order to use your safe.

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