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If you have something that is valuable, the last thing you want is for that object to get stolen. Most people resort to locking it up in a safe. Nowadays safes are a worldwide commodity and are used by millions of people as well as most businesses that need to protect their assets. Nowhere is this more evident that at a bank, that usually houses hundreds of safety boxes all locked within a giant vault in order to deter thieves from trying to steal anything. However, the common man has no need for such a heightened level of security. All he needs is a small safe where he can keep things like his spare keys and credit cards. Even if these are not as valuable, they would cause the person a great deal of trouble since they would need to replace the key as well as get a new lock on the door which the key opened. If not, he would be susceptible to robberies by the people that stole the key in the first place. That is why they resort to getting a key operated safe.

What is a Key Operated Safe?

This type of safe has a very simple locking mechanism that uses a key. It might sound too simple to protect anything of value, but as long as the key is in the possession of the owner then the safe will present the same level of difficulty to a thief as any other newer, high tech version. Most models come with a set of 2 keys for the lock.

Costs of a Key Operated Safe

  • Alpha Safes is a respected company when it comes to providing home security services and they offer a good selection of different key operated safes. One of their better models is the Alpha A180BK, which retails at £55 not including VAT.
  • The SecureLine PS1-18K from SecureLine is another good model which is available for £100 excluding VAT.
  • SecuriKey is another great company in the UK that offers a wide range of models for good prices. Their most popular design is the SecuriKey Mini Vault OK which has a retail price of £129 excluding VAT.

Installing a Key Operated Safe

The installation process for this type of safes depends on the owner’s preference. If he wants to leave it out then it will not require any further work. However, this makes the safe vulnerable and a potentially easy target. Those that want the best protection they can hire a professional to properly install the safe inside of a wall or in another hidden spot. This makes the safe as effective as possible. However, it will cost the owner an additional fee.

This type of safe can be a great purchase. Even if nobody ever attempts to steal anything from you, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your possessions are protected from potential threats. That is why it is a great idea to purchase a key operated safe.

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