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If you have an elderly family member Ė mother, father or grandmother that you are worried, in times of emergency, may not be able to get to the door a key safe might go a long way to relieving your concerns. Some key safes and indeed some companies offer the Age Concern key safe and keep the code on record, so that if anything were to happen they would have instant unhindered access to the building or home in question. Naturally that isnít the only reason you would want a key safe. If you accidentally lock yourself out of the house, or need to let people in when youíre not around, having a key outside is helpful. Adding a key safe to the equation means that a key outside your home or office is kept safe from potential thieves and burglars Ė great news in todayís world, where burglary is on the rise.

What is an Age Concern Key Safe?

The Age Concern key safe is a device constructed from a strong metal like cast aluminium or stainless steel that, depending on the design, is either mounted to an outside wall or affixed like a padlock that holds spare or hidden keys to a building. Because the key safe is constructed out of a strong metal, it is very resistant to attempts to force by hitting it with a hammer or sawing it open with a hacksaw. It is secured and locked by means of either scrolling or push button combination lock. Usually the scrolling combination lock has a four digit combination but with the push button variety, the length of the code is variable between four and six digits. These codes can be changed as many times as needed. If youíre looking to secure your hidden spare key or just have a key available at any time outside your building, the Age Concern key safe might be just what you need.

Costs of an Age Concern Key Safe

  • Age UK Croydon supplies and fits key safes in the Croydon area. They retail for £46 and if you need it to be installed, they charge an extra £20.
  • Screwfix is a national retail chain that specialises in security devices. They have a range of key safes, from £14.95.
  • Age Concern is a company based in Devon that will supply and fit an Age Concern key safe for £95.

Installing an Age Concern Key Safe

If you have the padlock style key safe almost no installation is required apart from setting the code, which can easily be accomplished by consulting the user manual and following the instructions provided. For the mounted Age Concern key safe, because it needs to be mounted to a wall or floor, some drilling is required. If you arenít comfortable with a drill or drilling, try asking a friend, colleague or if youíre absolutely desperate, a family member to help you. Once the key safe has been mounted, all thatís left to do is set the combination code, which again can be accomplished by use of the user manual.

Whether you need the key safe as a precaution for emergencies or because youíre forgetful and often find yourself sitting on the driveway with no way into your own home, the Age Concern key safe is a great investment.

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