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Key Safe Combination

Key safes are extremely useful storage spaces for anything from a single to hundreds of keys. One of the great benefits of key safes is that they can be accessed only by those who you want to be able to access them, because you only provide the entry code to those who are entitled to it.

Digit Key Safe Combination

These safes are like well-known padlocks. A code needs to be entered on different wheels (usually 4 or 5 numbers), which will then open the key safe. This code can be given to those who you want to be able to access the key safe. The only down side to these types of combination locks is that you can often not change the combination. This means that if you have given the combination to someone who you now no longer want to be able to access your keys, you might need to invest in a new safe.

Code Key Safe Combination

Many key safes now work in the same manner as alarm systems. They will be fitted with an electronic pad, in which you need to enter a code. This can be done digitally as well. Again, the combination is only given out to those who have valid reasons for access. The main benefit with these types of combination locks is that you can change the code if necessary. This means that if the code falls into the wrong hands, you only need to change the code, rather than purchasing a whole new system.

One down side to these types of combination key safes is that you need to be well aware of which button does what, and ensure you press the right one at the right time. Some key safes will require you to press a specific button after you have opened it, as it will otherwise not lock. In other words, make sure you have been well instructed on how to use the key safe combination and what the combination you have been given will allow you to do. Often, different key safe combinations are needed for different things, such as one combination to open the key safe and another combination to change settings on the computer.

Computer Operated Key Safe Combination

Some key safes are remotely operated via a computer. They can be opened remotely by entering the correct combination on a computer, allowing access to the safe to those who are needing to open it only with permission of the remote operator.

As shown above, there are many different types of combination key safes. Depending on the key safe you decide to invest in, there are some specific things to think about before you make your decision, as all types have their specific pros and cons. If you use the key safe only for personal use, a digit combination safe might well be the option for you. As a business, where employees come and go, a digital or electronic combination might be a better option. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that a solution is available for you.

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