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Time Controlled Key Safe

Key safes can be used for a variety of reasons. Many larger companies use them in their security department to store all their keys in one handy place, with the knowledge that only those who have genuine reasons to access the keys can get to them. Key safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any storage solution when it comes to not just your keys, but any other small-sized valuables.

What is a Time Controlled Key Safe?

Time controlled key safes are key safes that will open at a specific time. For example, you are away for a few days and need someone to come in at a specific time to water your plants. However, you don’t feel comfortable with your house key being in their possession at all times. If you have a time controlled key safe, you can set a timer on it, meaning that it will open at a set time. Obviously, you will need to be sure that the person you are trusting to look after your house will be there at exactly that time! In many fantasy and comedy movies, time control key safes have been used on chastity belts, ensuring a belt would open when the damsel in the movie turned 18.

Costs of a Time Controlled Key Safe

  • With SafeOptions, you can purchase a Burton Raid Control Counter Safe for £140.40 including VAT.
  • Some internet websites can be found where you could purchase a time controlled chastity belt. Measurement kits can also be purchased to ensure the chastity belt is made to measure and will fit right until the damsel in question has grown to her adult size. One can only hope that these are made for joking purposes, but in this day and age of the world wide web, you never know!

Installing a Time Controlled Key Safe

Time controlled key safes are a little harder to find than other key safes because their use is quite limited. They often come in do-it-yourself packages, where you buy a safe and a timer separately and install it yourself. You will need to find a manual to do this and be pretty good with wires of course! A fully functional time controlled key safe can be placed on or under a counter, making it easy to install yourself. You could also have it built into a wall, in which case you will need a professional to make sure it is done properly.

So, whether you are looking for a safe that will open at a certain time because you are a punctual person; or a chastity belt for a fancy dress party, you are sure to find some solutions with some careful research. Remember that a time controlled key safe will open at a certain time, meaning you must ensure somebody is present when this happens. After all, you wouldn’t want your keys to remain locked away for hours, months or even years, only to then be taken by an unsuspecting passer-by!

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