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There are various reasons why many have their automobile robbed each year. Those who have been robbed of their car have been robber due to something. Most of them tend to loose them as they do not keep their car keys safe. The best way to keep the cars keys safe in to purchase a car key safe. This safe cabinet is quite simple and has a weather resistant cover. You can carry these safes anywhere and can keep your car keep safe by assigning a code to these cabinets. This storage space is designed in order to store all the valuables and discourage thieves so that they shift their focus to a very easy target.

Most of these car key safe has a 3 digit code combination padlock equipped with a highly integrated key storage cavity. This cavity is quite large enough to store all types of modern electronic car keys. They also have the capacity to store spare change, household keys and certain mobile phones. Only by pressing a simple button the padlock shackle that is around 8mm opens up along with the storage lid. You can then place all your important keys in the storage cavity. It's wise to select a very high solid anchor point on your most cherished car for securing the padlock shackle. After you have placed your essential car keys in the cabinet, close the storage lid and then assign a combination code. This process ensures that your keys are safe.

This storage cabinet is quite portable and can be easily secured anywhere on the car, for instance on the towing eye or underneath your car body –anywhere you can locate a secure point to fix the safe padlock shackle. Albeit this safe need not be left on your vehicle you can select any safe location to fix the key safe. The internal cavity of this key cabinet is designed in order to accommodate all make of car keys consisting of keyless keys and electronic keys.

Some companies are also manufacturing miniature car key cabinets. These guards have silicon rubber which is quite durable. This cover offers resistance against salt, road grime, ice etc. Some makes includes 4 quality self tapping metal screws as well as a mounting plate. Certain car key safe uses technology like; Patented pushbutton. Key guards possess more than thousand combinations. A lot of companies manufacture window mounted make which is a perfect pick for a walker or jogger as they need not carry their automobile keys and can temporarily secure their keys. This model usually comprises of unit that slips easily over windows .You can ensure security by rolling up the window. No tools are required for it. Moreover these guards usually equipped with a hanger that is made from stainless steel. Car key cabinets are often encashed in high quality rubber to offer ample protection to the window surface.

To conclude there are many companies that sell car key cabinets online .You can easily browse through the sites and buy a great deal.

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