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Having a set of house or office keys kept outside your property is a great idea for many reasons. If youíre locked out or you lock your keys inside, itís easy to get access to the building again to get the keys out or if thereís an emergency, the emergency personnel like fire fighters or medics can gain access to the property quickly and efficiently. Simply leaving keys outside is dangerous as most burglars know exactly where to look for them and if they arenít secured, it can become a major security risk. Using an outside key safe will keep your keys accessible and secure at all times for those times when you need access to a spare key.

What is an Outside Key Safe?

With burglary always a threat, the combination lock style outside key safe is a great way to keep that hidden spare key safe and secure from potential opportunist thieves. Made from cast aluminium, stainless steel or another strong rust proof metal, the outside key safe is resistant to attempts to hammer or hacksaw open. Most key safes have at least four and sometimes up to ten digits in the combination lock making it virtually impenetrable to people trying to work out or guess the key code to open. There is enough storage space in the outside key safe to store a good number of keys of all shapes and sizes so you can rest assured that it will hold enough spare keys no matter what the size of your building. It can be attached to any brick wall or concrete floor with several screws making it very difficult to pry loose.

Costs of an Outside Key Safe

  • Amazon UK is an online store that has a wide range of key safes for sale, which range in price from the cheap £15.95 right up to £59.95. Amazon UK delivers to any UK residence.
  • Co-op Xest are a home wares store based in Hampshire that sell a few models of the outside key safe Ė selling for £15, £20 and £35 depending on what size you need.
  • Lock Trader have two Yale products that both retail for £24.55. Lock Trader is a Kent based company.

Installing an Outside Key Safe

Because the outdoor key safe needs to be securely mounted to a wall, it is very important that you install it properly. The installation process usually requires some drilling, so if you feel that you might need some help, ask a friend or colleague if they can spare an hour or two to help you with the installation which is quick and simple enough if you can handle a drill. If youíre still at a dead end and the manual is no use, consider ringing a professional for help or hire them to do the installation for you. To install, line up your key safe in the open position, mark out the holes and drill them into the wall. Push the wall plugs into the wall and line up the key safe. Screw in the screws that hold the device in place until it is flush and secured against the wall.

Isnít it a relief that you can stop worrying about someone finding the spare key? Even if they find where youíve installed the outside key safe, they still need to know the combination before they can access the keys inside and because the outside key safe can withstand a serious beating; you donít even need to worry about that.

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