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Sentry Safe 1100 Lost Key

So you finally invested in a safe to keep your possessions secure and your mind at ease. You feel relaxed and confident that your documents, jewellery, and other items are safely stored in a place where no one can access them but you. But what if one day you suddenly find that even you can no longer access your possessions; you have lost the key! Rest assured that there is a way to fix the problem when it comes to a Sentry Safe 1100 lost key.

What is a Sentry Safe 1100 Lost Key?

There are few things worse than the heart pounding, head spinning feeling you get when you desperately need something from your Sentry safe and you have no idea where the keys have gone. You have taken such great precautions to protect your items, and now your own absentmindedness has caused you problems instead! The good news is that you made a great choice in choosing a Sentry safe 1100—they make it extremely easy to get a new key for your safe.

If you find that you have a Sentry safe 1100 lost key, the Sentry Safe website may be the best place to start. You begin by either submitting an online form or calling the telephone number provided. You will need to be able to provide basic information about your safe as well as your own personal information and a notarised document of ownership. As long as you have all of the information they require, you can request a new key by phone, mail, or online.

Costs of a Sentry Safe 1100 Lost Key

While it is definitely in your best interest to have your key replaced by Sentry Safe directly, there are a few other options. There are local UK safe shops that can make the key for you as well as online safe shops or local locksmiths. In every case you will need to have some form of official documentation proving that you are the owner of the safe. A few basic options are listed below to give you a general idea.
  • Sentry Safe is where you should always begin—if you have the time to go through the steps necessary. If you are in a state of emergency, you may have to consider one of the other options. On the Sentry Safe website, the replacement keys vary depending on the safe, but a basic home safe key generally starts at about £10.99 to replace.
  • Local safe shops or online shops such as Sentry Safe Shop often specialise in Sentry safes. A local shop may be your best bet if you are in a hurry. These are pretty costly (convenience often is), and you should probably expect to pay no less than £29.99 for new keys.
  • Locksmiths can often open up safes for you, especially if you have locked yourself out of a large office unit or gun case that cannot be transported. There is generally a service fee involved for their time as well as the cost of the new keys. Expect to pay at least £49.99 to be granted access to your possessions.
While it may seem like a Sentry Safe 1100 lost key is the end of the world at the time, it really isn’t as bad as it seems. Most of us have locked ourselves out of our homes or cars at some point, so it’s really to be expected that we would lock ourselves out of a safe. Replacing the key is a fairly simple process that won’t really hurt your budget. One word to the wise; never put your notarised document of safe owner ship in the safe—otherwise you may need to begin researching ways to break in.

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