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Master Lock Mini Key Safe

Do you often go to work or down to the pub and forget your keys in the house? If you live by yourself this means getting a locksmith in or breaking in to your own house, which often costs a lot to fix Ė replacing windows or locks. If you live with someone, it might mean waiting hours in your car or garden until they get home and can let you in to your house. If this has ever happened to you, youíll know just how annoying it is. With a master lock mini key safe you can prevent this from happening again and have your house key handy every time you need it - and best of all itís completely safe.

What is a Master Lock Mini Key Safe?

Most people shy away from key safes because they think they are unsafe and vulnerable to intruders. The Master lock mini key safe is built from cast aluminium making it able to withstand direct force from a hammer or even a hacksaw. It is locked by the use of a 4 digit combination lock with ten thousand possible combinations, so you can rest assured it is almost impenetrable to the average thief. The master lock mini key safe can hold up to 3 car keys or 7 Yale sized keys so there is plenty of storage space for any number of spare keys for your home or office building. It can be mounted to any wall or floor so positioning the key safe to the outside of your building is a breeze.

Costs of a Master Lock Mini Key Safe

  • Office Furniture Online is an online store that sells a wide range of key safes including the mini key safe. This particular model sells for £18.99 from Office Furniture Online.
  • Wiggle UK is a company with offices in Portsmouth that retails key safes. They sell the Master Lock Mini Key Safes for £15.95.
  • Traka sell premade and manufacture their own key safes and access management systems. They retail this key safe for £19. Their offices are in Buckinghamshire.

Installing a Master Lock Mini Key Safe

As with mounting anything to a wall, you are going to need to do some drilling. If you are apprehensive about this, why not ask a friend, family member or even a colleague to help you or recommend a company that can install it for you. You can always contact your place of purchase for help or to enquire if they have an installation service you could use. Remember to read the instruction manual if you need to reset or set the combination code as there are detailed instructions included.

Once the Master Lock Mini Key Safe is installed, youíll rest assured knowing youíll always have access to a spare key whenever you need it, no matter what the circumstances. You can also sleep easy knowing those spare keys are safe and secure inside the Master Lock Mini Key Safe.

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