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A safe is an essential item in most offices, shops and in many homes. Over the years the style and diversity of safe options have changed the reliability of the safe to withstand fire, water and other natural disasters has improved. Losing the safe key or being unable to access new keys is a concern and this concern is creating an increase in the interest of keyless combination locks rather than those that require keys. However, the durability and resilience of the heavy key operated safe’s mean there remain many such safes in use in business today.

Safe Key Cutting Services

When you are in need of a safe key cutting service an excellent starting point is to visit your local locksmith and describe to them the brand and model of the safe you own. Every safe has its own special key requirement and as key locks tend to be seen in older models rather than in the more modern keyless combination locks, not every locksmith has the skills necessary to hand fabricate a key.

If your local locksmith cannot help you, he is likely to recommend another company, but if this is not possible, then the internet offers many online options and suggestions. Prices and locations will vary so time spent in exploring options may result in a significant saving of money. Any assistance may require a home visit of a locksmith to look at the safe, but in some instances if the hinged door of the safe can be removed the lock smith may prefer that the door and the existing key be bought or sent to the shop.

Questions to Ask Key Cutting Services

When considering a service provider, be sure to ask questions that relate to the specific key you need cutting. These questions may include:
  • If you need to hand fabricate a key for my safe, will I need to pay if the key doesn’t work?
  • What is the usual turnaround time for an order, from time of placement until time of delivery?
  • How much will the total cost be including delivery charges?
  • If you must hand fabricate the key will you do a home visit or do I need to provide you with the door and existing key to assist you with your fabrication?
  • Do you have offices in other parts of the UK so that I can deliver and pick up the safe personally rather than having to arrange a courier or delivery service

Benefits of Using Authorised Key Cutting Services

If the safe key is easily replaceable these questions won’t be as important, but if the locksmith needs to make you a replacement key, asking these questions may assist you to choose the service that best suits your needs.

Building a relationship with a trusted authorised key cutting service will enable you to continue using your safe for years into the future and know that keys can be more easily created by the service. Security issues are addressed by using the same service regularly and many are police approved and use password protected online services and may offer discounts to regular customers.

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