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Supra Key Safe Lock Box

Itís happened to all of us. Your husband or wife accidentally drives off to work with both sets of keys leaving you stuck at home in a rage having to find a way to work without using your car which youíre not at all used to doing, making you late and even more furious. Or if you leave the house, shut the front door only to discover youíve left your keys inside hanging on the key rack with the rest of the keys. Itís times like these where a set of easily accessible spare keys would come in handy and thatís exactly what a key safe will give you. One of the most popular and best regarded of these is the supra key safe lock box.

What is a Supra Key Safe Lock Box?

The Supra Key Safe Lock Box is a solidly constructed stainless steel box secured by the use of a push button combination lock with over 4000 different possible combinations. It works similarly to a padlock and can be locked to a doorknob or any suitable place and is very resilient to attempts to open by hitting it with a hammer or sawing it with a hacksaw. The code can be changed as many times as needed and can easily be set by you for ease of use. Giving anyone access to the keys locked inside the box is as simple as giving them the key code and revoking access is as easy as changing the code. Because the Supra Key Safe Lock Box is a push button combination lock it is never left unlocked, unlike a scrolling combination lock where you can accidentally leave the code in the combination.

Costs of a Supra Key Safe Lock Box

  • Lock Trader, a Kent based security company has the Supra Key Safe Lock Box for £59.66.
  • The Lock and Safe Shop in Hampshire sells the same product for £47.69.
  • For an online option, you can order the Supra Key Safe Lock Box from Discount Locks who will ship to anywhere in Great Britain for £55.90.

Installing a Supra Key Safe Lock Box

Because the Supra Key Safe Lock Box doesnít require mounting to a wall or floor it is very easy to install. All you need to do is set the combination using the instruction manual provided. Once youíve chosen a combination, you can put your keys inside the lock box and attach it to a suitable location Ė like a door handle, burglar bar or any place a padlock would go. Remember when setting the combination to avoid any common numbers like your birthday, anniversary, phone number or house number. If someone does come upon your lock box, you want to make it as difficult as possible for them to guess the combination.

Using this device canít be simpler and there are so many convincing reasons to do so. Youíd have to be silly not to get yourself a Supra Key Safe Lock Box.

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