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Key safes are exactly as the word describes them: safes to store keys. You might wonder why anyone would need a safe to store keys but you would be surprised! Count the amount of keys you have in your household and the number will soon tally up. Front door key, back door key, window keys, shed keys, car keys, bike lock keys. And usually, you will have two sets of each as well, in case you lose one. With a key safe, you could store all your keys in one place and usually eliminate the need to have a spare set. All your keys being in one place should mean you never lose a key either!

What is a Supra Keysafe?

Supra is an incredibly trusted brand of key safes. They are the only key safe that was approved by the police, meaning they are reliable and safe. Supra also regularly consults with its users to ensure their products remain up to date and current and meet the needs and demands of its customers, existing and new. Their only downfall, as described, is that they require a code to be opened and if you forget to press the reset button after using it, it won’t actually lock. So please remember that all important reset button!

Costs of a Supra Keysafe

There are many different styles and sizes of the Supra key safe, so their prices also vary. Here are just a few for you to consider:
  • The Lock and Safe Shop sells the GE Supra Keysafe Clamshell 1004 for £40.92 (including VAT). This key safe holds two keys and will attach securely to any flat surface, meaning you can have it in the most convenient place.
  • Architectural Building Supplies sell the Supra Keysafe C3 portable key lock box. Shaped like a padlock, you can attach it to anything just like a padlock. It holds up to three keys and costs just £35.09, which is excellent value.
  • Even Boots sell a Supra keysafe! The Homecraft Supra Slimline Keysafe holds two to three Yale keys or one chubb key. It is priced at £86.80. This safe also attaches securely to any wall or flat surface.

    Installing a Supra Keysafe

    Supra keysafes are very easy to install. The non-portable ones will attach to any wall or flat surface, meaning you can secure them in the most convenient place. You could be using it to store your front door key, if more than one person uses that key, and place it next to your front door. It is a much more secure way of storing your spare key than by putting it in a flower pot! Supra keysafe also offers portable locks that attach to any bar just like a padlock, so no intricate installation is necessary there either.

    As you can see, Supra Key Safe is used and trusted by many as well as being the only key safe that has been approved by the police. They are very reasonably priced solutions to all your key storage needs.

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