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The incidence of elderly or sick relatives living in a home and requiring visiting medical or home assistance is growing steadily as the number of elderly people in our community increases faster than the number of residential places available to them. Providing access to the essential support people who will need to regularly visit the home is made easier when the house key is securely locked in a keysafe box that is attached to the wall of the home.

What is a Keysafe Box?

A keysafe box is a simple metal container that is designed to deal with wind and weather and to provide a securely locked place to keep a spare key enabling access to the family within the house even if they are unable to come and unlock the door themselves. These little boxes are programmable and locked to a four digit password number that the owner selects before using the device. The strong little box then securely stores from 1 to many spare keys.

Housed in an outdoor location, usually the wall of the house nearest to the front door, the lock can be opened by those who know the combination and the keys inside can be retrieved. The password combination can be changed as required and the position of the safe can be changed periodically.

Cost of a Keysafe Box

The cost of a safe is relatively cheap and can be purchased from many locations around the UK. Prices can vary amongst providers. Factors to consider when purchasing the safe apart from choosing the appropriate size is one that offers competitive pricing and possibly free delivery. Both of these options will keep the overall cost to a minimum.
  • Online shops such as eBay may offer a large selection of the safes and a variety of online stores through which to purchase them. Ideally the cost would be less than 20, however many online shops have a minimum amount that should be spent before they will offer many reduced prices to customers.
  • Keyhole Services are a home care equipment provider located in the UK. They stock a range of safes including ones that are police and social services approved. These are available for purchase through their Armthorpe, South Yorkshire store. Price is available on application.
  • Supre Key Safe is one of the larger suppliers of key safe to the British market. They have a wide range of stock available for immediate despatch. The prices differ according to brand and size of the safe requested, but the average retail price of the Supre Police Approved Lock (the only one approved in the UK by the police) is 54 including VAT and delivery to any location in the UK.

Installing a Keysafe Box

A keysafe box is easy to install and requires a drill, screw driver and the fixtures to mount the safe to any outside wall. They are usually placed on a readily accessible wall and as carers change, the number of the combination lock can be changed to preserve the security of the lock.

Choosing a keysafe provides a secure and simple solution to the dilemma of how to keep elderly family members accessible to visiting carers, yet provides a simple weather resistant method of storing spare keys for easy entry into a home or office.

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