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Do you have young children who need to come home from school and gain entrance to the home? Perhaps you are loathe to give them a spare house key of their own, and a key hidden in the garden is not a good option for young children. Perhaps the answer to your dilemma would be a digital keysafe. Small and easy to operate, and easily mountable on an outside wall, the key safe is the perfect solution to the dilemma about how to maintain your home’s security, whilst ensuring your children can access the home when they need to and you are not available to give them entry.

What is a Digital Keysafe?

A keysafe is a small metal container that can house an assortment of keys that you or your family may need to keep outside for ready access in either an emergency situation or when you or your family need ready access to the house without a spare key. Some key safes are now considered to be police approved and these are ideal for maintaining the security of your home. They are weather resistant boxes, that are either operated mechanically by pushing buttons or the more expensive battery operated electronically controlled combination number lock system. The owner simply programs the box for a sequence of numbers which is shared with family members and even children can enter the numbers and gain access to the keys inside the box.

Costs of a Digital Keysafe

Design, sign and brand will all influence the cost of the keysafe and comparing costs will usually result in a good price being located. Many shops offer both online and offline stock and delivery is often included in the cost of purchase, particularly from online stores. Free delivery is available however often there are certain conditions that must be met to achieve the free delivery. When purchasing the device ensure you know if further purchases are required before free delivery is available for you purchases.
  • Consider accessing shops like Total Product Sales Limited which carry a range of boxes online and in their shop in Hertsfordshire. Total Products also provide a support service which may be useful to access when wall mounting the device. Some products retail for approximately £43 and they may be bought in a range of colours to match the décor of any house. This can also provide a camouflage effect if desired.
  • Digital Keysafe is Britain’s largest distributor of the digital key safe and is recommended as being a reliable and trusted retailer to purchase stock from. Accessing their stock from around the globe, Digital Keysafe offer stock at a variety of prices and price of stock is available on application.
  • Lockey provide an online service to customers and source their stock from around the world, including Japan, to ensure quality products. Prices vary from approximately £36 to over a hundred pounds. Orders over a hundred pounds are sent throughout the UK free of charge.

Installing a Digital Keysafe

Digital keysafes are relatively easy to wall mount with no technical knowledge required. Portable options are available that require no fixing to exterior walls. Easy to follow instructions are supplied with the fixtures and support is offered from most suppliers should a purchaser require further instruction.

Digital keysafes are the perfect solution to the dilemma of where to leave a spare key for the times when you are locked out of your home, or if children need to access the home and you don’t want to give them their own spare keys.

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