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Put it this way: you might be a highly conscientious person, who keeps all their belongings hidden away in various safes and safe deposit boxes, ensuring that they cannot be harmed or stolen. But what do you do with all the various keys to all these safe security areas you use? A key safe is a perfect solution for keeping all your keys in one safe place, allowing access only to those who you deem worthy of access. Key safes can be used for storing any sort of keys, car keys, house keys, outdoor building keys, you name it and a key safe is a great solution.

What is a Key Safe Supra?

Supra is a very trusted brand of key safe providers, chosen by many to ensure their keys are kept locked away in one secure location. They provide a variety of shapes and sizes, from floor mounted safes to wall mounted safes and even portable safes that will hold a single key (and a credit card!). Supra key safes are opened with a digital combination lock, which also leads to their (possibly only) flaw: you must remember to press the reset button after opening and closing your safe, or it will not lock!

Costs of a Key Safe Supra

There are many different Key Safe Supras available and their prices naturally vary depending on what key safe you are looking for.
  • With KeySafe, you could buy the C500, the UKs first police approved key safe. It is priced at 59.94 including VAT. It was developed in consultation with people who use key safes, so you will be sure to have a safe that is not only truly safe but also designed in such a way that is user friendly.
  • You can also buy a key safe Supra from Boots. Their Homecraft Supra Permanent Key Safe can be mounted to any wall or flat surface and costs 69.31
  • Discount Locks sell the original Supra Keysafe 1001. Storing up to five keys, it is still unmatched for its quality and security. The cost is 43.08 (including VAT).

Installing a Key Safe Supra

Key Safe Supras are easy to install and most will come with the necessary screws and fixtures to be able to do it yourself. All you really need to be able to do is drill a hole and with the installation manual that will come with your Key Safe Supra it will even tell you where best to drill the holes.

So, if you want a place to keep all your keys securely, ensuring that only those you want to can access them, a key safe Supra is an excellent solution. Easy to use, easy to install and very durable and safe, they will give you the necessary peace of mind that your keys wont get lost or accessed by undesirables. Plus, they have been around for many, many years and receive regular positive reviews from their many happy users for just an additional bit of peace of mind!

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