Masterlock Keysafe

A Key Safe is the perfect solution to the dilemma of where to place a spare key so that the home or office remains secure and those who need to have access can locate a spare key easily and safely. The choice of a design to meet your home or business requirements is made simple by the diversity of design options ensuring that whether the purchase is for family or work colleagues, the key safe will meet your needs.

What is a Masterlock Keysafe?

A Key safe is a small metal container that is made of rust and dirt resistant material. Each safe can be wall mounted and is locked using a combination number locking system that is programmed by the owner. This enables numbers to be used that even the youngest child can remember. Many families choose the Masterlock keysafe as an alternative to giving their children individual keys to take to school. The key safe combinations can be changed, creating an excellent option for providing a spare key for a trusted tradesman when entry to the home or office is required in the absence of the owner.

Costs of a Masterlock Keysafe

Choosing where to buy the Key Safe is not difficult with many options available. Master Lock is a trusted international trademark and the safe’s can be purchased in most hardware and general purpose department shops. Specialty locksmiths and online stores may also stock the safes. Some examples of locations to buy the key safe include:
  • Discount Locks is an online store that sells the key safe for approximately £18 including VAT. They will supply free delivery if the shopper buys more than £75 worth of merchandise. They supply the safe with support that results from over 20 years experience in supplying quality locks to homes and businesses.
  • Homebase stores sell a large selection of the safes for approximately £24 and fittings can be purchased separately. Homebase stores are conveniently located at most major cities around the UK. They provide support and advice on the best lock safes for your specific needs and installation instructions for specific types of safes.
  • The Masterlock keysafe is ideal for families who have elderly or sick relatives living at home in their own homes and who require a key available to visiting nurses or other care professionals. This particular key safe can also be purchased from many organisations including at The price of the key safe is approximately £23, however people needing this for medical reasons may be eligible for discounts and families should discuss this with their health professional advisor who may be able to help them access the safe at a cheaper cost.

Installing a Masterlock Keysafe

The style of key safe selected will determine the way it is installed or stored, but in all cases it is a simple procedure and the fittings are either provided in the box with the safe or can be purchased separately. Most shops will provide assistance and advice if the home handyman requires help mounting the safe on external walls.

The number combination can be selected by the family and Masterlock operates a registration system where the number combination can be registered with them online should a family forget their number in future. Whether the Masterlock key safe is purchased for family or office use, it provides a peace of mind to its purchaser. Its reliability and the ease of purchase contribute to a simple but effective means of ensuring spare keys are always accessible by those who need it.

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