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Perhaps you are one of the many people who keep their spare key under their door mat. Maybe you have preferred to find a hiding place in the garden. Although each of these are time tested options that many families resort to when they want to keep a spare key accessible to the family, there is an easier and more secure option. A key safe is an ideal way to protect the security of your home and know with confidence your family can enter the home when they need to. The varieties of designs available enable you to choose a lock suitable for your specific home and family needs.

What is a Master Lock KeySafe?

A Key Safe is a convenient and useful small metal container that relies on a combination lock system to protect a key placed inside it. The combination is chosen by the owner and can be a series of numbers significant to the family and easily remembered by the children in the family. It can be wall mounted at a height suitable for even the smallest children and the metal, rust resistant container holds up to 5 keys at any one time.

Costs of a Master Lock KeySafe

Key Safes can be purchased in many hardware store outlets throughout the UK, both online and offline. They retail on average for approximately £25. The price varies considerably depending on where you live and how you choose to buy the safe. It is advised to spend time choosing a store appropriate for where you live and at a price that suits your budget. Some examples of potential purchase locations include:
  • Amazon which often sells the key safe at a substantially reduced price of £14. This represents excellent value for money. Amazon provides free shipping in the UK and is easily accessible by anyone with access to a credit card and internet
  • For those who prefer face to face shopping, the lock can be bought for £23 from Master Lock and Safe, a specialty shop located in Southport. This company service the north west of England and may include free shipping depending on location. They can provide support and advice if required when installing your new key safe.
  • Safe Options provide a quick one day turn around service on orders of the key safe. They retail at almost £25, but delivery is included throughout the UK if more than £50 is spent on items bought through the store online or offline. They can also offer support and assistance when installing the safe if required.

Installing a Master Lock KeySafe

Installation is simple and can be completed by anyone with the correct tools in a matter of minutes. Most safes will come supplied with the necessary wall mounts and easy to follow instructions. They can be wall mounted at any height and their small size ensures they can be mounted in a position that is discreet.

A Master Lock keysafe is an ideal way to maintain your home’s security, whilst enabling easy access to family members. The locks may be purchased both online and offline and delivery is usual within a couple days of purchase in most locations around the UK.

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