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People in shared apartments or offices or those with young children at home will understand that sometimes it is just not convenient or safe to have multiple spare copies of keys cut to ensure that anyone who needs access to the apartment or office has their own key. A popular alternative is the outdoor key safe which enables spare keys to be placed in a convenient locked safe attached to the wall of the building with a combination lock that keeps the key on the inside accessible to anyone on a need to know basis.

What is an Outdoor Keysafe?

An outdoor key safe is a small metal container that is designed to withstand damage by rust or grime and which may be mounted to the wall of a building. Depending on its specifications it may store 1-5 keys and its number based locking system can be regularly changed to ensure that the numbers remain secure. This is particularly useful if a key is used to give a real estate agent or tradesperson one time access to the building and then the combination may be changed to keep the key and therefore the premises safe from future uninvited entry.

Costs of an Outdoor Key Safe

Different manufacturers produce different designs and styles of the key safes and the cost will vary according to the type of safe purchased and the location of purchase. Online is an excellent place to compare prices and online shops usually have a variety of stock available that can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours of purchase and depending on individual store conditions of freight charges, may also be delivered free of charge.
  • An example of an online store offering free delivery and competitive prices includes The Safe Shop which supplies most of the brands currently available on the market. Whether you are wanting a mini key safe that holds only one key or a larger full sized one that can store spare keys for your home, office or car, The Safe Shop can reliably and quickly ship your purchase to you or offer you advice if you are unsure which would best suit your family or office requirements. The safes will retail from between £5 to approximately £30 depending on size and design.
  • Many people prefer to talk to a sales person personally and all hardware shops in the UK will stock the key safes. Those living in cities like Birmingham can try contacting a store such as The Lock and Key Shop who stock a range of key safes. The average price of the safe is £20 and in stock are key safes that can cater for any number of spare keys, each housed in a safe that is opened by the correct use of a four digit number.
  • A similar shop for those in the south of England is Access Key and Lock in Southampton. They pride themselves with holding a stock of 4000 products and this includes key safes which retail at approximately £17. They will also provide an installation service if required.

Installing an Outdoor Key Safe

Installation of most types of safes is very simple and can be carried out quite easily by the home handy person. If a safe is not supplied with the wall mounts, they can usually be bought from the store where the original purchase took place and with the advice of the store person providing the products.

Outdoor Key Safe’s are the perfect way to keep and store your spare keys in a secure and almost unbreakable fashion in a container designed to withstand bad weather conditions and aging. They provide ideal security options to the home or office owner needing to provide entry access to their property.

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